Thirty seven years ago Gerry and Betty Lang established Lang Contracting Co. Ltd. to provide a unique and comprehensive service to home-buyers. The aim was and remains to design and implement creative custom homes, which reflect the taste and personality of each individual owner.
Lang Contracting Co. Ltd. was founded with the following mission, to build exceptional quality homes, within a clientsʼ' proposed budget. This family prides themselves with offering the greatest service to their clients.
Gerry and Betty Lang have enjoyed raising four children, three of whom are involved in the day to day operations. Both Gerry, along with his son, Chris are Realtors  with Shackleton Realty and is your first step to the custom home of your dreams.  Andrew is in charge of all the excavation needs throughout the build.  
Over the years, Gerry along with his wife Betty assembled a team of tradesmen, and craftsmen united by shared passion for quality and workmanship. Their objective is to leave each visitor to one of their custom homes with a lasting impression.
To achieve this, Lang Contracting Co. Ltd.  never compromises its core values: creativity and quality. The Lang family offers a comprehensive, one-stop service ~ from the sale of the property, through brainstorming with the owners about esthetic and technically innovative solutions to the building process, through conceptualization and design to final implementation.
Lang Contracting Company Limited  has gained a reputation for outstanding creativity and superior craftsmanship by focussing on the finished product, an esthetic whole that marries exterior curb appeal with breathtaking interiors. Floors, walls, ceilings, doors and trim creatively blended to create a harmony of colors, light and textures. The result is at the same time modern, functional and authentic.
Lang Contracting Company Limited further feels that the beauty of our surroundings greatly enhances our quality of life. They are thus dedicated to creating a home environment, which is both technically state of the art and a pleasure to behold.